Sunday, 4 March 2012

50 Reasons Why 'Time Crash' Is The Most Perfect 8 Minutes of 'Doctor Who' Ever

#5  Murray Gold did the music. His beautiful scores are cinematic, epic on a grand scale. And yet, for this little slice of nostalgic fun, Murray Gold scrapped his soaring orchestras and multi-layered harmonies in favour of an 80's style symphonic score. It adds to the overall effect, another direct little nod to a past era of this huge show. Just check out the little "Dun dun DDUUNNN!" bit when it's apparent the TARDIS will create a Belgium-sized hole in the Universe. Wonderful.


Today, I'm bringing to your attention a frankly epic slice of old-school metal. A riff-roaring, multi-guitar-solo-ing beast of a track, 'Chainsaw Charlie' is easily the best thing on W.A.S.P. 's superb 'The Crimson Idol' album (1992). Lyrically, the song is about a greedy record-company owner, luring a wannabe rockstar into a life of excess and sin. It's brought to life beautifully, and is a genuine piece of incredible, powerful music. Just ignore this rather bland video, and focus on the music.
Oh, and W.A.S.P. are touring again this year. What are you waiting for?

Lilies - A Poem


This field of lilies,
As white as winter snow,
Stretches on forever -
A pure, unbroken flow.

Hazily gleaming
Beneath a watchful Moon,
They are like freed spirits
Escaping Nature's womb.

Yet, not these lilies
Have I come here to admire,
But the lady who picks them,
Upon the midnight hour.

From my perch on high,
And clothed by the shadows,
I see her come bounding
Through the haunted meadow.

Raven hair so dark
Against the glowing bloom,
Lips like a scarlet heart,
Skin like a marble tomb.

She sinks to her knees
And gently plucks a flower.
The sweet scent of perfume
Seems to soothe and relax her.

The smile on her face
Outshines any moon or star.
Like a lily, just blossomed -
Dainty, elegant, and fair.

But the Night grows tired,
And the lady must return
To wherever it is she hides
When the great red Sun burns.

But return she will
On the following night,
To pick her chosen lilies,
Thus bringing me secret delight...

© Copyright Cory Eadson, 2012