Wednesday, 6 March 2013

LORDI - The Riff

So, Lordi's latest album, 'To Beast or Not To Beast', hit the shelves last week, and now we have a fantastic new video from them, for their first single, 'The Riff'.

The video bears absolutely no relation to the song lyrics at all, centering around a half-naked woman shopping for toilet roll, in a supermarket crawling with zombies. Lordi themselves are performing in the supermarket in a ring of bog roll, while behind the scenes a bizarre chef man-handles bloody body parts.

It's a great video because it shows just how little Lordi care about the general opinion of their band. They aren't afraid to do a video that is so silly it's bordering on self-parody, whilst at the same time featuring much more blood than ever before in a Lordi music video.

It also has the heroine of the piece decapitating a zombie with a shopping basket, containing - yes, you guessed it - a roll of toilet paper.

As much as I enjoyed their feature-length 'Dark Floors' movie, I can't help but wonder if Lordi's film would have been much more fun with this level of randomness!