Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I Am The Snake - A Poem

Take a bite out of the apple, Baby, they're really good for you!

I slide into your garden
And lurk behind the trees,
Watching each and every one of you,
As you laugh and joke and tease.

So happy are you all,
In this evergreen Eden,
Living life to the full,
And enjoying your freedom.

But it's a freedom so white,
So plain and without depth.
No layers to your happiness,
Just a superficial mess.

I'll offer shade to your party,
Some truth, some lies, some sting.
A dash of black to drain away
The joy from everything.

A single touch from me
And you're caught within my grasp.
My venom surges through your veins
Like the poison of an Asp.

Take a bite out of the apple,
They're really good for you!
I'm offering this fruit to take,
So decide what you're gonna do.

Take this apple from my hands,
Bite the tender skin.
Then let me lead you from the garden
Into a world of Sin.

 © Copyright Cory Eadson, 2012