Friday, 23 November 2012

Turn Right

Yes, I know I've got the title of a modern classic episode of 'Doctor Who' wrong. But never mind that. Look RIGHT >>>

You see? New pages! Yes, this Blog is expanding, and so I have made a few new pages on this, the 49th anniversary of 'Doctor Who'. One of the pages is all about why Time Crash is so bloody good. The other is a list of reasons why 'Doctor Who' is so important in my life.

Also recently added to the blog, a big essay on Colin Baker's controversial Doctor, horror movie reviews, and other stuff. Have a look around, be merry, and feel free to give me feedback!

Now, pour yourself a cuppa, and enjoy!

50 Reasons Why 'Time Crash' Is The Most Perfect 8 Minutes of 'Doctor Who' Ever

#7  Belgium. Yes, Belgium. In true Douglas Adams style, Moffat gives us a threat the size of a country not far from Germany. Who needs planet-sized asteroids, and bombs as big as moons, when we can have holes torn in the time -continuum the size of Belgium? It's absurd, bonkers, and very 'Doctor Who'.
Peter Davison's disappointment makes the scene - "That's a bit undramatic, isn't it?" - cementing the ludicrousness of the moment.
"Two minutes to Belgium!"
A Belgian woman, yesterday.