Thursday, 16 August 2012

Self-Destructive Love Poems for the Sanely Challenged - First Review

My upcoming poetry anthology, titled 'Self-Destructive Love Poems for the Sanely Challenged', has been given its' first review by the very talented Vanessa Finaughty. The link to the review is above, anyone interested in reading or writing should certainly take a look at the website and forum in general, and become a member! Also, my anthology will be released very shortly! Stay tuned for details!

Hating All The Colours - A Poem [DRAFT]

Nuclear explosion
Caught right inside my veins,
Sending surges of rage
To the heart of my brain.

A shadow with a soul,
Born in anger and pain,
Stirred by all the colours -
They're driving me insane.

I hate all the beauty
That surrounds me everyday.
All perfection and joy,
As I, here, waste away.

All that I can do
Is wait until I blow.
Until the bomb inside my heart
Wipes out all that I know.

I never wanted to
Be perfect, like all of you.
Never wanted beauty,
To be a clone, through and through.

The blue inside my eyes,
Betrays my bleak, dark heart.
Too deep inside the shadows
For me to make a fresh start.

Gone - A Poem

Stalking the shadows,
I make love to the night.
Worshipping the black,
The darkness is my guide.

Sharp shards of my dreams
Cut deep into my mind,
I'm trying to forget
The hope that I can't find.

Hope bleeds from my heart,
As I reach your frozen self.
A solid memory from my past,
That left me when I fell.

Illuminated by
The big yellow moon,
I stroke your empty face
Like ivy strokes a tomb.

“Sorry...” tumbles out,
A few times, I say it.
But like stones upon glass,
The word has no effect.

Then I close my eyes,
And tell you I was wrong,
But I find that I'm too late,
For when I look again,

You're gone....