Thursday, 15 March 2012

Can You See Me Now? - A Poem

Life churns noisily around me
Like an unstoppable Vortex -
And I am trapped in the centre,
Ignored, Unwanted, Invisible.

Laughter springs joyously
From the mouths of my tormentors,
As they walk right over me
Like I'm a long-forgotten grave.

Shaking, simmering, seething
I can do nothing but wait
'til my mind blows and shatters,
And my eyes blaze Hellish red.

Give me a gun, give me a knife,
It's time for me to end your life.

I step out of the heart
And into the hurricane,
Disturbing the flow
That you have created.

Dead eyes gaze back at me -
A mass of unfeeling zombies
Trying to make some sort of sense
Of what I'm about to do.

I was never so bad,
Would never hurt anyone...
But you pushed me,
Shoved me over the edge.

I have a gun,
I have a knife.
It's time for me
To end your life.

Hell burns through my veins, and how!
Listen up people, can you see me now?

© Copyright Cory Eadson, 2012