Time Crash (50 Reasons Why....)

50 Reasons Why 'Time Crash' Is The Most Perfect 8 Minutes of 'Doctor Who' Ever

#1 Steven Moffat wrote it. He also wrote 'Blink', 'The Empty Child'/'The Doctor Dances', 'The Girl in the Fireplace', and 'Silence in the Library'. He is now in charge of 'Doctor Who' on television, and is an absolute, grade-A genius. He also cast Matt Smith as the Doctor.

Your arguement is invalid.

#2 Graeme Harper directed it. His 'Doctor Who' debut, 'The Caves of Androzani', was voted as the greatest 'Doctor Who' story of all time, and boasts some of the most gripping action scenes ever seen in '...Who'. He injects 'Time Crash' with the same breathless enthusiasm, and absolutely milks the two lead actors for all they're worth.

Nobody could have done it better.

#3 Peter Davison IS the Doctor! We've had companions and monsters from 'Doctor Who's past returning left, right and centre, but to date, Davison is the only former Doctor to make a physcical appearance in the show. Seeing him, in the TARDIS, in that outfit, just feels right. And he doesn't take any nonsense from Tennant!

#4 David Tennant IS the Doctor! Tennant is clearly having a blast in this mini-story, especially considering Peter Davison was his childhood Doctor. The speech at the very end, which the Tenth Doctor delivers to the Fifth, was said to have been a direct tribute from Tennant to Peter Davison, only just staying on the right side of the Fourth wall!  

#5  Murray Gold did the music. His beautiful scores are cinematic, epic on a grand scale. And yet, for this little slice of nostalgic fun, Murray Gold scrapped his soaring orchestras and multi-layered harmonies in favour of an 80's style symphonic score. It adds to the overall effect, another direct little nod to a past era of this huge show. Just check out the little "Dun dun DDUUNNN!" bit when it's apparent the TARDIS will create a Belgium-sized hole in the Universe. Wonderful.


#6  The 'high-five'. It's such a simple, funny moment that totally sums up each of the Doctors. Tennant's Doctor tries to be cool and 'trendy', despite his barely hidden geekiness, while Davison is completely oblivious to the concept of the 'high-five'. It's a tiny sequence, and utterly hilarious and adorable. Genius!

#7  Belgium. Yes, Belgium. In true Douglas Adams style, Moffat gives us a threat the size of a country not far from Germany. Who needs planet-sized asteroids, and bombs as big as moons, when we can have holes torn in the time -continuum the size of Belgium? It's absurd, bonkers, and very 'Doctor Who'.
Peter Davison's disappointment makes the scene - "That's a bit undramatic, isn't it?" - cementing the ludicrousness of the moment.
"Two minutes to Belgium!"

A Belgian woman, yesterday.

 #8 "Does he still have that rubbish beard?"

The Doctor's arch nemesis, the Master, who has destroyed countless lives and planets over many centuries, is nevertheless the subject of some ridicule. The Tenth Doctor had just been aged beyond all recognition and locked inside a cage for a year, while the Master conquered the world, and yet in Time Crash the two Time Lords have no problem poking fun at him, as if he's just a minor niggle!

It's Five's 'beard' comment that I find the most telling. Imagine Davison's Doctor tied to a chair while a chuckling Ainley Master calmly explains his plans for Universal domination. Part of the Doctor is hastily concocting a plan in his mind to escape, while the other part of him is thinking, "Gosh, I wish the Master would have a bloody shave!".

More Moffat genius!


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