Thursday, 17 May 2012

Listen To This! - Joker's Song

The band Miracle of Sound have based their entire career on writing songs about console games. And not only that, but their songs pay fitting tribute to the subject matter, the band not fit to plunge for obvious cheesiness just for the sake of it. True, some of their tracks are humorous, but they all show a respect for the games they are inspired by.

To date, Miracle of Sound have done two Batman songs, inspired by the frankly perfect Arkham Asylum and Arkham City games. Joker's Song is essential listening for any Bat-fan. The lyrics beautifully highlight the bizarre, juxtaposing relationshio between the Joker and 'Bats', sung from Mr J's point of view, and how they need each other. 
I get shivers every time I hear:

Someday I will replace
That big frown on your face
With a smile and a murderous glare

Although based on the Arkham City game, this song could be attributed to any version of the Joker, and any incarnation of Batman, from the dark and moody comics of the 80s, to Jack Nicholson's incredible 1989 performance, Heath Ledger's psycho-terrorist, or even the glorious animated series Joker (and the singer does a superb Mark Hamill impression throughout this track!). 

In short, listen to this song. Again and again. It's a masterpiece. This year is the year of perhaps the biggest Batman film to date, so let's celebrate it in style, by paying homage to the ever-twisted, ever-insane Joker! Because "Face it Bats, you'd be lost without me!"