Friday, 16 March 2012

Fan Conspiracy Theory Of The Week

As all you Whovians know, Christopher Eccleston asked Russel T Davies to consider him for the role of the Doctor. After filming, Chris, for whatever reasons, decided he no longer wanted to be a part of the show. He told the team he was leaving, and they had to find a new Doctor. David Tennant was asked, completely out of the blue, because Russel T Davies knew how good an actor he was from working with him on Casanova. And the rest is history!

However, some fans seem to exist in a parallel dimension in which Eccleston was cast NOT because of his tremendous acting ability, but because RTD's first choice, David Tennant, wasn't famous enough yet. So Eccleston did one year as a 'favour' for Russel, while RTD ensured Tennant, in the meantime, rose to enough fame to be cast as the next Doctor.

Oh, and even though Hugh Grant WAS offered the part of the Ninth Doctor, according to this fan, that was 'just a joke'. 

Here are the comments of said fan, who shall remain nameless, as he himself wrote them:

Thay havent asked him or chris ecclstone or eny of the past docs. chris only did the dw job as the bbc wouldnt let david tennent as at the time he was unown thay gave rtd an oltamatum he gets a nown actor or now dw so he askd a faver an chris said yep so was always going to b 1yr

  Then once david tennent was sucksesful thay could make him the doc. chris rearly nev wanted to b dw just did it to help a m8 but if it wassent for him we wouldnt have are faveret show back on tv so to me hes the most important doc of all co he brourt it back thanks chris e. x

 If u go check ur find im rite david tennent and russle t davis and chris ecclstone have all said this in intervuews and its in rtd book to its fact and the hu grant thing i saw that live m8 it was bbc news at 6pm and rtd said it to get publisaty for the show and on that same show he said im only joking but news is new and thay latch on to the words that sell papers made me laf when he said it tho x

Tho u do no what this all means tho? That im a complet nurdy geek and i no way to mutch about dw lol how f-ing sad hahahaha im like massive fan of dw i books and and origanal scrips and props from the show that cost me tuns lol im that geeky i no everythng about it omg geek hahaha

I agree but the bbc would not of aloud rtd make it unles he got a name . not an unown thats a fact its the bbc u blame not me lol just telling u the reason why that was all dont shoot the messinger x

mm wel ive got rtd outbiografie and he say in there about it oh and iv bin bying dw mag for 20yrs trust me thay never tel the trueth unles it sutes them lol hahahaha enyway lol x

 There is ritten documents from rtd to the head of drama at bbc saying he wanted tennant but thay said no until casanover was a succes and ecclestone was never ment to do enymore than 1yr rtd has said in an intervuew iv seen him say it on tv.

 U dont no the bbc very wel do u paul magans tv film in 1996 got 9.6 somthn milione vuew fig more than eny of the new dw put to geather fact it was bigst show that year tel me why didnt it get a show the bbc said and i quote becos it didnt do wel in americ lol it got more than the piorlt of xfiles lol .

 Look its not me saying soooo im just saying what iv hurd from rtd and c e and d t on tv intervuews thats all an the bbc hated dw sory but thay did orful i no but true

 Whats the problem?

After being asked what his problem is:
 And me to im sory i just happento no why and thought u two would of wanted to no why that was all and iv not bin rude to him or u for that matter nxt time i just wont txt u or him sory if iv inconveneanced u by x

And there you have it!