Thursday, 29 March 2012

Whatever Happened To....? - A Poem

Am I a shadow or a man?
A whisper in the night?
A black hole or a star?
A legend on a plight?

Do you know who I am,
Better than I know myself?
Do you have all the answers,
To help prise me from this Hell?

Do I live on when I'm not there,
On your lips or in your dreams?
Or do I not exist at all,
Once I leave you life-stream?

Am I as noble as you say I am,
Or am I just a fraud?
Am I bitter, weak, and empty,
Or 'The Evil OverLord'?

Does my make-up make me,
Or just help to create me?
Black pits around my bright blue eyes -
Do they reveal the fake me?

Do I really choose to just wear black,
Or has black chosen to wear me?
Will I ever find true happiness,
Or drown in melancholy?

Questions all, but answers none,
As vacant as a dying sun
That once burned brighter than the rest
But now is fading into the past...

Will they speak my name in years to come,
Discussing my life story?
Or will they sit beside a fire,
Asking, "Whatever happened to Cory?"

© Copyright Cory Eadson, 2012