Drabble Doctors

A collection of Drabbles (100-word stories) based around various versions of everyone's favourite Time Lord, and his friends and foes!


Never Play Chess With Yourself


Seven moved his pawn carefully across the board.

Six allowed himself a small grin.

Too easy, he thought proudly to himself, He’s no good at all!

Moving his own piece, Six then leant back in his chair, arms folded defiantly, as he announced, “Check!”

“Mate,” was Seven’s unexpected reply, as, seemingly from nowhere, he moved another piece, overthrowing the Queen.

“What?” Six leapt to his feet in shock, appalled at this sudden turn-around.

“Maybe a pie eating contest would be more appropriate for you? You’ve certainly had the practice…”

Seven was slightly unnerved by the look his opponent gave him.


Awkward Moments


The Doctor hastily slammed himself against the TARDIS console, pulling frantically at the red lever which caused the huge doors to close. He then offered Tegan a smile which failed to hide any of his guilt.

“Doctor,” she said sternly, arms folded, eyebrow raised, “Where have you been?”

“Erm…Well, I was sorting out the console-”

“-You went outside, Doctor. For a long time! What’s more, you seem determined to hide the reason why!”

“And if you don’t mind, I’d like to keep it that way!”

A terrible roar could be heard from outside, and the Doctor glanced at Tegan worriedly…


The Charm of a Mountain Lake

There was something charming, enchanting, alluring about the lake.

It was shrouded in a dense white mist, and reflected in its’ clear water the glistening green stones of the emerald mountains, which surrounded it almost completely.

Ace knew that this place had a magical, mystical quality to it. Tucked away in one of the many corners of the Universe, ancient and unchanging, it’s spiritual atmosphere cleansed the soul and rejuvenated what few visitors the planet had.

Even the Professor felt it.

Perched on a nearby stone, he’d whispered, simply, “The charm of a mountain lake…”

Ace couldn’t help but smile…


This drabble is a deleted scene from a story I wrote titled 'Auction of Memories', which I am re-writing for this very blog!

The Doctor lifted the item from its stand on the marketplace, his hearts heavy with depression.

Its casing was caked in rust, the front eyepiece was shattered, and an ear was missing. The head was held into place by crudely wrapped tape, and the word ‘K9’ on the side was almost completely faded.

The Doctor bowed his head for a moment, wondering which version of his faithful pet this was. Leela’s? Romana’s? A future K9 perhaps?

The stallholder noticed the curious customer, and called out to him: “10,000 Credits and it’s yours!”

The Time Lord merely stared at him.


Ghosts from the Future


He was sat on the edge of the Universe, right at the end of time.

But despite the eternal calm, he was frowning. Frowning at the apparent junkyard that surrounded him on this lonely asteroid.

Littered on the ground were ancient, rusted remains of Gallifreyan artefacts. Golden seals of Rassilon, charred and faded. Parts of dead TARDISes and SIDRATS. There were even a few Dalek eyestalks half-buried in the sand.
He turned back to the stars, sipping his tea at the end of time, where all of the worst bits of the past washed up.
Or, in his case...the future...


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