Monday, 26 March 2012

The Pain I Feel Makes Me Love You Even More (You Be The Rose, I'll Be The Shade) - A Poem

Sprawled out in the sun
Like a pretty little coffin
(With dainty purple roses
Painted on the sides),
You wait for me to dig a hole
Six foot deep and six foot wide,
Where we can lie forever -
As the rest of the world goes by.

But my fingers can't grace
Your furnished, well-kept surface -
Death just out of reach,
My willing burial denied.
I ache from trying to touch you -
A futile attempt at an impossible connection.
And yet somewhere in this shade of grey,
Must lurk an answer to my pain.
Indeed, I shan't rest until I've stolen
All the colour from your eyes,
Like you stole the love from my heart.

I can't let you go alone -
To lie, solitary, my Purple Rose,
Without this Black Shade to veil you.
And I can't let you make me cry,
Because beneath my make-up
Is nothing, nothing at all.

There's only one way
To drive this Shadow from my soul -
Me and you together,
Buried, and whole.

© Copyright Cory Eadson, 2012