Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I Love You - A Poem

A challenge set by Bernadette ( ) to write something 'warm and fuzzy'. This was the best I could do.

I thought I was a lost soul
Drifting down the River Styx,
With pennies placed upon my eyes,
And hands bound tight with garlic.

But before I reach Charon,
A whisper intervenes.
A voice from far away,
Intangible, like a dream.

Not just the voice of an Angel,
A dream that I can wake from.
I know you're really out there somewhere,
My Love, My Soul Mate, The One.

I tear away the garlic,
And throw the pennies from my eyes.
I change the destination -
"To Hell with Hades!" I cry.

I leave the Underworld behind,
Alive, ecstatic, invigorated.
Emerging out a brand new man -
My heart, of course, reanimated.

And then I see you standing there,
Waiting in an evergreen field.
Blossoming like a purple rose -
My soul has now been healed.

We hug, and my mind explodes,
Erupting with euphoric bliss!
And how my stomach swirls with glee
When, at last, we kiss.

Rainbows in my bright blue eyes,
The sun as radiant as I feel.
Me and you, together in Eden,
Knowing our fate is sealed.

You rescued me from torment,
And proved that you are true.
All I have to say is this,
My Rose - "I Love You."

 © Copyright Cory Eadson, 2012