Monday, 27 February 2012

Dark Things 1 - A Poem

Just a little work-in-progress...Let me know what you think. Always after critique!

Dark Things 1

Lying on a bed of black roses,
Arms crossed,
And pennies over my eyes,
I wait.
Wait for the pumpkin sun
To fade behind the skull moon.

Shadows grow longer
(Like the ones inside my mind)
And stretch to nothing -
Swallowed, eventually,
By the impenetrable darkness.

The Darkness, my one true friend -
Hiding, in that fathomless black,
All manner of secrets,
All manner of Things.
Things that creep around my bed,
Lurk in my closet,
Writhe in the furthest recesses of my mind...

Maybe They know
That we are the same.
Maybe They sense
That I am unafraid.

An abrupt stinging pain in my heart
Suddenly grows more fierce -
Like a talon squeezing
All the life out of me,
And In my agony, I am forced to wonder:
Do They want me to join them?

Copyright: Cory Eadson, 2012


  1. Love it! But you knew I would I'm sure. Love how you said 'Shadows grow longer (like the ones inside my mind). That to me was the darkest sentence of all, because it made me stop and re-read it and contemplate the thought. Really like this one Cory. Great job. Now I will stop hogging your blog :) x

  2. I'm suitably impressed! Awesome poem :)