Thursday, 15 March 2012

Can You See Me Now? - A Poem

Life churns noisily around me
Like an unstoppable Vortex -
And I am trapped in the centre,
Ignored, Unwanted, Invisible.

Laughter springs joyously
From the mouths of my tormentors,
As they walk right over me
Like I'm a long-forgotten grave.

Shaking, simmering, seething
I can do nothing but wait
'til my mind blows and shatters,
And my eyes blaze Hellish red.

Give me a gun, give me a knife,
It's time for me to end your life.

I step out of the heart
And into the hurricane,
Disturbing the flow
That you have created.

Dead eyes gaze back at me -
A mass of unfeeling zombies
Trying to make some sort of sense
Of what I'm about to do.

I was never so bad,
Would never hurt anyone...
But you pushed me,
Shoved me over the edge.

I have a gun,
I have a knife.
It's time for me
To end your life.

Hell burns through my veins, and how!
Listen up people, can you see me now?

© Copyright Cory Eadson, 2012


  1. Hell burns through my veins... Vivid! :) Excellent poem! Just don't tell me it needs an edit or some such nonsense... it's perfect!

  2. Excellent Cory. You are so super good at this, you don't even realise.

    We all feel invisible sometimes, I've felt like this many times. This poem captures those feelings perfectly. It's wonderful that you can articulate them so well in poetry.