Thursday, 5 April 2012

Evermore Evil Reviews 'Ghostwatch' - A VideoBlog

Yes, this is me, and my first attempt at a video Blog. Warning: It's unplanned. Those who find cups of tea, eyeliner, and the colour black offensive, DO NOT WATCH! gentle....


  1. How cool is your video blog?! Really enjoyed watching it and seeing what you look like and hearing your voice! Its nice after all this time tweeting.
    I actually listened all the way through and now think I may actually want to see the DVD, whereas if I just saw this on a shelf I would probably not have been interested.
    I am a huge horror fan and could probably tell you a few ghost stories that are real! (but that's another topic of conversation)
    Great video blog Cory.

  2. Good debut sirrah!! Amusing and interesting and i learnt something new. Everythnig I need in a video blog or vlog as I believe the kids call them!