Sunday, 25 November 2012

Rest In Peace, Dinah Sheridan

Another sad loss in the 'Doctor Who' world today. Dinah Sheridan passed away at the ripe old age of 92. Dinah made her name starring in much-loved British dramas and comedies, such as Genevieve (1953) and The Railway Children (1970). She was also a regular guest on hit Channel 4 show Countdown during the 90s.
Sheridan made just one appearance in 'Doctor Who', in 1983's 'The Five Doctors', as Chancellor Flavia. A memorable role in a memorable and special story secured Sheridans' place in Who-history, and she will be remembered forever.
Rest In Peace, Dinah Sheridan.


  1. I watched this one recently, fine acting indeed. It was a bit epic especially the Raston Warrior Robot.

    1. Why ever the Raston never returned is beyond me!