Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Never Play Chess With Yourself - A Drabble

Seven moved his pawn carefully across the board.

Six allowed himself a small grin.

Too easy, he thought proudly to himself, He’s no good at all!

Moving his own piece, Six then leant back in his chair, arms folded defiantly, as he announced, “Check!”

“Mate,” was Seven’s unexpected reply, as, seemingly from nowhere, he moved another piece, overthrowing the Queen.

“What?” Six leapt to his feet in shock, appalled at this sudden turn-around.

“Maybe a pie eating contest would be more appropriate for you? You’ve certainly had the practice…”

Seven was slightly unnerved by the look his opponent gave him.

By Cory Eadson


  1. loved it,i think iwould be slightly unnerved too :)11 plays chess in the wedding of river song,if you could have 11 play chess with a Doctor,who would you pick,and why?

    1. Thanks Tricia :) I'd choose the Second Doctor, because I think him and Eleven would have plenty of sparks between them!