Thursday, 28 February 2013

50 Reasons Why 'Time Crash' Is The Most Perfect 8 Minutes of 'Doctor Who' Ever

#8 "Does he still have that rubbish beard?"

The Doctor's arch nemesis, the Master, who has destroyed countless lives and planets over many centuries, is nevertheless the subject of some ridicule. The Tenth Doctor had just been aged beyond all recognition and locked inside a cage for a year, while the Master conquered the world, and yet in Time Crash the two Time Lords have no problem poking fun at him, as if he's just a minor niggle!

It's Five's 'beard' comment that I find the most telling. Imagine Davison's Doctor tied to a chair while a chuckling Ainley Master calmly explains his plans for Universal domination. Part of the Doctor is hastily concocting a plan in his mind to escape, while the other part of him is thinking, "Gosh, I wish the Master would have a bloody shave!".

More Moffat genius!

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