Thursday, 14 March 2013

Lovely Quote

Readers of Doctor Who Magazine will have no doubt, over the last two months, relished the excellent interview with Jon Pertwee, recorded 18 years ago but never shown in its entirety until now. The final part of the interview concludes with this inspiring message from a man who was a hero to millions. Such a beautiful quote, and so very Jon Pertwee...

"Here is a bit of advice. Don't be afraid to stand out. Don't be afraid to be memorable. Do it by being someone people can depend on, by being profressional, but don't be afraid to be yourself and make your mark. You do not have to conform. Getting a strong reputation and being someone people remember will do you more good - whatever your profession - than anything else. When people you have known or who have worked with move up the industry, them remembering you will do you more favours and provide more opportunities than anything else. Be a good chap - but be a good chap they remember. That is the trick!"

Amen, Mr Pertwee. Amen!


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