Monday, 21 October 2013

50 Reasons Why 'Time Crash' Is The Most Perfect 8 Minutes of 'Doctor Who' Ever

#9 "Hands Free..."
Among all of the kisses to the past blown throughout it's seven minutes, Time Crash pays a little attention to the Fifth Doctor's lack of Sonic Screwdriver.
"I'm fine," Davison mutters, without even glancing up from the console, when Tennant offers him the use of his own Sonic.  It doesn't even occur to the Fifth Doctor to use it, having been without his trusty device for a good while now, ever since that nasty business with the Terilepils.
But what does the moment add to the context of the story? The honest answer? Bugger all! But, as with so many elements of the episode, it shows yet another subtle contrast between the two Doctors. Here's the Tenth Doctor, using his Sonic, relying on his Sonic to get up to all sorts of mischief, never mind applying it to get out some sticky situations! The Fifth Doctor, on the other hand, just soldiers on with whatever he can find at hand. And what's more, he manages to save the day! (OK, sort of. Ish).
Above all though, this moment is just a nod to the past that is beautiful in it's pointlessness. It's just there: A tiny moment that brings with it a host of subtle character contrasts and summaries, with only a throwaway line. And isn't that brilliant?
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