Thursday, 16 August 2012

Gone - A Poem

Stalking the shadows,
I make love to the night.
Worshipping the black,
The darkness is my guide.

Sharp shards of my dreams
Cut deep into my mind,
I'm trying to forget
The hope that I can't find.

Hope bleeds from my heart,
As I reach your frozen self.
A solid memory from my past,
That left me when I fell.

Illuminated by
The big yellow moon,
I stroke your empty face
Like ivy strokes a tomb.

“Sorry...” tumbles out,
A few times, I say it.
But like stones upon glass,
The word has no effect.

Then I close my eyes,
And tell you I was wrong,
But I find that I'm too late,
For when I look again,

You're gone....

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