Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hating All The Colours - A Poem [DRAFT]

Nuclear explosion
Caught right inside my veins,
Sending surges of rage
To the heart of my brain.

A shadow with a soul,
Born in anger and pain,
Stirred by all the colours -
They're driving me insane.

I hate all the beauty
That surrounds me everyday.
All perfection and joy,
As I, here, waste away.

All that I can do
Is wait until I blow.
Until the bomb inside my heart
Wipes out all that I know.

I never wanted to
Be perfect, like all of you.
Never wanted beauty,
To be a clone, through and through.

The blue inside my eyes,
Betrays my bleak, dark heart.
Too deep inside the shadows
For me to make a fresh start.

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