Thursday, 16 August 2012

Self-Destructive Love Poems for the Sanely Challenged - First Review

My upcoming poetry anthology, titled 'Self-Destructive Love Poems for the Sanely Challenged', has been given its' first review by the very talented Vanessa Finaughty. The link to the review is above, anyone interested in reading or writing should certainly take a look at the website and forum in general, and become a member! Also, my anthology will be released very shortly! Stay tuned for details!


  1. When is your release date and will we be able to purchase in the States? I love the poetry on your site so I'm very interested. Plus, the review is great ^_^

    1. Hello! Right, not sure of release date as of yet, but within the next few months. Maybe sooner, it's literally being made now. And it is only available in e-book format, so it will be available worldwide for download :)

      Thank you so much!